The C shape pregnancy pillow specially design for pregnant mom that provides full-body support during maternity.

Best full-body support C shape pregnancy pillows for maternity.

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C shape pregnancy pillow is the most common pregnancy pillow type in the market today. I’m sure you may saw C shape many pregnancy pillows. Also, we mentioned this pillow type in our full body pregnancy pillow article.

When we talk about C shape pregnancy pillow it gets a unique shape. This pillow is small than the other full-body pregnancy pillows. Although it small comparing other full-body pillows, there are several sizes of this pillow type. You can get ideas about C shape pillow for plus size mom. This type of pillow is special for side sleepers who like to bend over and sleep. Although the same shape, the materials, usages and features are different. We will give full detail about C shape pregnancy pillows and what are the best ones for you.

Jersey C Shape Pregnancy Pillow

Jersey C shape pregnancy pillow provides a smooth condition for maternity.

You can realize this pillow materials its’ name. The pillow is covered with a jersey knit cover and the high- density soft cotton filling provides a smooth condition for you. This breathable pillow cover is removable and machine washable. It gets 58287.8 inches.

  • This pillow follows the contour shape and it fits your growing body shape effectively.
  • The pillow offers full support to the hip, lower back, back leg and feet.
  • C shape pillow leads to a comfortable sleep without maternity pain pressure.
  • You can use this pillow when reading, watching TV and sitting.
  • You can fold this pillow as a function of a wedge pillow to improve blood circulation.
  • It gives full support from head to toe.
  • Ideal pillow for side and back sleepers. It makes you feel safe with any sleeping position.
  • The C shape pregnancy pillow offers a total relax feeling to the whole body.

Tall C Shape Pregnancy Pillow

Tall C shape pregnancy pillow can use during maternity period for many purposes.

This 62318.6 inches pregnancy pillow is special for tall women. High-density soft filling gives a comfy feeling to your body. The long silk velvet provides cover provides a smooth nature around you. It is easy to clean and machine washable.

  • You can use this pillow when you are reading, watching TV, nursing and sleeping.
  • The pillow is made in an ergonomic design that provides a quality feeling for you.
  • Also It can replace the bed, sofa even on the floor according to your relevant positions.
  • This pillow is special not only for tall women but also for expectant mothers in the third trimester.
  • It gives great support for the neck, shoulders, back and hip.
  • This C shape pillow reduces back pain in maternity and avoids the interruptions of night sleep.
  • This pillow is a multifunctional one and you can use it perfectly.
  • There is an independent zipper in this pillow.
  • Tall C shape pregnancy pillow offers a cushioning feeling for you.

Cotton Cover C Shape Pregnancy Pillow

Cotton cover C-shape pregnancy pillow has many features like removable, washable, breathable pillow cover.

This C shape pregnancy pillow is covered with cotton with polyester lining. It is a blended material. The pillow cover is thick than the other C shape pregnancy pillow covers and it means it is a durable one. It is easy to clean and washable

  • This pillow gives a texture feeling to you.
  • There is a sweat-absorbing layer and it controls the water-resistant of this pillow.
  • If you have sensitive skin, you can use this C shape pillow without doubts. Because this is a hypoallergenic pillow.
  • The pillow gives full support for the back, knee, hip and legs effectively.
  • If you have tired legs or who are suffering from poor posture, this is a great pillow for you.
  • The inner curve fits your belly and provides a safe feeling of comfort to your belly and back.
  • This maternity pillow helps to elevate your baby during nursing.
  • This is a totally foldable pillow and you can use it as a multifunctional one.

Separate Support C Shape Pregnancy Pillow

Separate support C shape pregnancy pillow has two types of pillow and it helps separately for maternity.

There are two C shape pregnancy pillows in this pillow kit. One is huge and another one is a small support pillow. These pillows are covered with soft velvet fabrics and filled in polyester. Therefore it gives great comfort to your whole body.

You can use a huge pillow as the main pregnancy pillow and the small pillow as a supportive pillow. This tiny pillow props yourself in a proper posture always.

  • You can use this pillow to sit in the bed to read, work on your laptop and watch TV.
  • It gives relief for back, hip and legs pain especially.
  • You can use this separate pillow as a full body pillow and the small the pillow gives extra support to your body.
  • This pregnancy pillow gives a cushioning feeling for you.

These are the best 4 C shape pregnancy pillows for pregnant women and their benefits. You can choose an amazing one for you in this collection.

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