The pregnancy pillow provides more comfortable sleeping time during maternity.

Essentials of Pregnancy Pillow for Maternity [Free Guide]

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Sleepless nights with interruptions, pressure or pain on the lower back and other parts, and unstainable positions…If you are a mom-to-be, these are the most bothering things that crush your comfortable lifestyle. This pillow is a wonderful solution for all the problems you have. Let us focus on what the pregnancy pillow is, in other words, the maternity pillow.

The pregnancy pillow is the cushioning specialized pillow for pregnant women to find comfortable accommodation. This pillow comes in different sizes, shapes, and colours to fit your fancy choice. Also, it gets plenty of types according to your demanding physical needs. Here are all the things you need to know related to the pregnancy pillow.

You have to know what are the amazing features of the this pillow. Let us see..

Features of Pregnancy Pillow (Maternity Pillow)

1.Fitting size to your growing body

When your belly grows day by day, you must need to comfortable space. On the other hand, your normal pillow is not suitable for this hard period because it can not solve your prenatal needs. It takes different sizes to fits your body. Some are small, and some are large, and it depends on the type of pillow. Also, this pillow suitable for all mothers, such as plus-sized mothers.

2.Elegant colours

Colors are the most important thing for your mind and it leads to a peaceful nature. The maternity pillow comes in plenty of colors such as white, pink, blue, yellow, and purple. These colors create a colorful vision in your mind and it gives a comfortable sleep. It may be light or dark shades. Some pillowcases are printed filled with designs.

3.Soft materials

Materials are a vital part of any product. Pregnancy pillows are made of high-quality materials that give a soft and cool sleep. If we consider the outer cover is made of super-soft materials such as polyester, jersey, cotton, and silky materials. Filling materials of this pillow plays the main role and it provides a cushioning feeling. It is filled with foaming or smoothing materials such as high-density foam and microbeads.

4.Suitable shape

There are many shapes of this pillow. C and U-shaped pillow is the main type of pregnancy pillow. Some pillows are separable. However, all these shapes are familiar and it gives more and more comfortable for your body.

Benefits of Getting a Pregnancy Pillow while Maternity

1. Why you should use pregnancy pillow?

Because you get many answers to many of your problems during maternity through the pregnancy pillow, it gives you marvellous benefits. The main obvious benefits of a pillow are that it supports to healthy hand comfortable position for you and your baby. In other words, Sleep is an essential thing during maternity. Good sleep is essential for you to hope to be a mom. Sleep improves the immune system and brain function. It regulates growth hormone levels during pregnancy.

2. Good longer sleeping

Getting good sleep is a little bit difficult during pregnancy. Also, it isn’t easy to find the right sleeping position you want. The maternity pillow is provided with facilities to sleep in any position. It may be sleeping on your back, sleeping on your left or right side, or prefer to sleep like to stomach sleeping. It’s ok… you can get a comfortable and healthy sleeping time. You don’t need anymore suffer mentally about insomnia. You get enough hours to get relaxation with better sleep.

3. Relief of aches and pains

During the pregnancy, the body’s weight is increased, then it put pressure on the knee, legs, hip, and back. These pains and aches are relieved by using a pregnancy pillow. Not only that, It helps to make an ergonomic position for the shoulder, neck, stomach, hip, and alignment of the spine while you are sleeping and sitting. It prevents you and your baby from an uncomfortable and dangerous position.

4. Support for the health of the body

Increasing your blood circulation depends on where your sleeping side. Doctors even recommend a left-side sleeping position, and then the baby gets an optimal position for birth. Definitely, you want to pregnancy pillow for it. Although you never suffered from allergies before, you may have some allergies during maternity cause of pregnancy hormones. Then you can use a hypoallergenic pillow and prevent allergies. Further, a hypoallergenic pillow supports to relieve heartburn by lifting the upper body.

5. Helpful after delivery

The pregnancy pillow can be used after delivery. It supports to breastfeed your baby, use as a barrier when your baby lie.

6. Multipurpose use

The pillow can be used for travel. Some pillows designed lightweight, can mold into different shapes, inflate and deflate, can fold them. That’s why you can easily carry when you go away from home or trip. Another type of pillow is designed for special purposes like a back support pillow, chair support pillow. They help you when you are working for long hours in one place like an office. Further, you can use your entertainment, like watching tv, reading books, spending leisure time, and massages.

7. Easy to clean

Most of the pillow has a removable cover with a zipper. Therefore it can be easily removed and washed. Also, it can change pillow cover for colourful covers. It creates an attractive place for your encouragement.

Selecting the Right Pregnancy Pillow (Maternity Pillow)

There are several types of pregnancy pillows. Firstly you need to have a good understanding of your needs during pregnancy. There few factors that you should consider before selecting this pillow. Let’s see what those are.

1. Size of the pregnancy pillow

If you have a clear idea about your need, then you should think about your body size, wherever you use it and have enough space to store. As you are a pregnant mom, you can choose a pillow to suit you. If you use it when you are at home, you can select a fairly large pillow, and when you are travelling, you can select a small portable and small pillow.

2. Shape of the Pillow

Another thing is the shape of the pillow. Some pillows are designed for special purposes. Those are backside support, belly support, knee support, head and neck support, and side sleep. Therefore, there are pillows of different shapes.

3. Pillow Fabrics

You can find various types of materials that are made of a pregnancy pillow. When you select the right pillow, You definitely need to be careful about which material is most suitable for you. For getting more info about a pregnancy pillow materials.

  • Bamboo Fabric:- This fabric is made of bamboo. It is twice as soft as cotton, the smell of bamboo is allergy-resistant (hypoallergenic), can regulate temperature.
  • Cotton Fabric:- This fabric is a sheer and lightweight fabric, soft, breathable, absorb moisture, Durable, good colour retention, and hypoallergenic fabric.
  • Chenille Fabric:- Chenille fabric is fuzzy and soft. It has a beautiful soft drape and extremely durable, but it shrinks and stretches.
  • Jersey Fabric:- It provides comfort because of softness and smoothness, stretchy, absorbent, and breathable. Spandex is incorporate to create Jersey fabric.
  • Microfiber Fabric:- Exceptional strength, improved breathability, can be used vivid print, comfortability, appearance retention, windproof and water-resistant, lightweight.
  • Polyester Fabric:- Extremely strong, durable, chemical resistant, stretching and shrinking, wrinkle resistant, mildew and abrasion-resistant, and also quick-drying, retain its shape.
  • Rayon:- very soft, comfortable, retain cool, good absorbent.
  • Velvet Fabric:- Velvet Fabric is a heavy, durable fabric.

4. Filling of the pillow

  • Microbeads:- This filling consists of small and lightweight balls like sand.
  • Polyester:- Polyester fibre filling is soft and makes a good support for the body. But it can’t use who has dust allergies because it absorbs dust and heat. Also, it has not a long lifetime.
  • Memory foam:- This filling is one of the most suitable ones for use to reduce pain. It takes your body shape while you sleep.
  • Styrofoam ball:- Styrofoam balls are the small white ball. This pillow types are light and fill with air. Therefore, it provides extra support and cushioning.
  • Organic Filling:- Wool, Bamboo, Fiber, and kapok are used as organic fillings. This is environmentally friendly and resistant to chemicals. It’s suitable for dust allergies.
  • Buckwheat:- Buckwheat hulls are used as filling. It also organic and reduce allergies. And heta build-up. It is durable.

5. Sleeping posture with a pregnancy pillow

When you are selecting your pillow, you should consider your sleeping posture. You can choose a pillow, depending on how you sleep.

  • Sleeping on your stomach:- If you want to sleep with tummy down, you can use a stomach pregnancy pillow.
  • Backside sleeping:- If you want backside support while you are sleeping or you are a back sleeper, you can use a backside support pillow, snoogle pillow, and a full body pillow
  • Side sleeping:- side sleeping pillow and wedge pillow are the most suitable for side sleepers.
  • After delivering:- you are in after delivery. Definitely, you should want to start breastfeeding. A breastfeeding pillow is a special pillow for that purpose. Also, you have a twin baby. Even there is a special pillow for them.

How to Use the Pregnancy Pillow (Maternity Pillow)

After finding the most suitable pillow for you, you should know how to use the pregnancy pillow when you start to use it. Already you know there are various types of pillow and the purpose is also different. You can’t use similar ways to all the pillows. You can clearly identify it after knowing about the types of maternity pillow. These types are discussed below in this article.

But there are few things you usually need to know before you use or while you are using.

Before using, you should want to identify what is a suitable place to keep it. Because you are a pregnant mother, then you must consider your safety. The pillow should be positioned ergonomically so as not to harm you.

When you start to use you need to know how to use the pillow you choose. You can get an idea about all types of pillows through this link on our YouTube channel.

After you use a pillow, you should definitely clean your pillow. The majority of the pillows have removable covers. Then you can easily wash by machine and also beneficial soaps should be used. The pillow with the cover removed is let it dry in the sun.

Types of the Pregnancy Pillow (Maternity Pillow)

The pregnancy pillow is not confined to one type. It takes different types according to your needs. What are the types ?

1. Breastfeeding Pillow (Nursing Pillow)

Rounded organic breastfeeding pillow (Nursing pillow) use for breastfeeding, tummy time, sitting, and has a washable, removable pillow cover.
Rounded organic breastfeeding pillow (Nursing pillow) use for breastfeeding, tummy time, sitting, and has a washable, removable pillow cover.

This pillow is made special for breastfeeding mothers to forgive a comfortable posture. It gets a curve C shape and filled with cushioning materials. This little supporter creates a comfortable place for babies. Also, it reduces your neck and shoulder pains when breastfeeding time. It can be used for milk bottle feeding when you are not with your baby. This pillow can be carry when travelling and it is not only suitable for one baby, but also it is suitable for twins.

  1. Flat surface breastfeeding / Nursing pillow
  2. Rounded organic breastfeeding / Nursing pillow
  3. Squared organic breastfeeding / Nursing pillow
  4. Adjustable breastfeeding / Nursing pillow
  5. Twin breastfeeding / Nursing pillow
  6. Arm breastfeeding / Nursing pillow
  7. Sling bad breastfeeding / Nursing pillow
  8. Natural curve breastfeeding / Nursing pillow
  9. U-basic breastfeeding / Nursing pillow

2. Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

Inside specific U-shaped full-body pregnancy pillow has a unique shape and use to support arms, belly, low back, leg, ankle, head, shoulders.
Inside specific U-shaped full-body pregnancy pillow has a unique shape and use to support arms, belly, low back, leg, ankle, head, shoulders.

The full body pregnancy pillow is the most common and it is focused on your full body. It comes in many shapes and this pillow is the huge one considering the other pillows. It is made of soft materials for high performance and durability. Also, it has removable and washable covers with easy zipper systems. This pillow gives extra support to relieve your back, neck, legs, and tummy pains.

  • U-shaped full body pregnancy pillow
    1. Specific U-shaped full body pregnancy pillow
    2. Normal U-shaped full body pregnancy pillow
    3. Separable U-shaped full body pregnancy pillow
  • Fully covered full body pregnancy pillow
  • C-shaped full body pregnancy pillow
    1. Rounded C-shaped full body pregnancy pillow
    2. Head-to-toe C-shaped full body pregnancy pillow
    3. Snoogle C-shaped full body pregnancy pillow
  • ‘Full length’ full body pregnancy pillow
    1. Rectangular full length’ full body pregnancy pillow
    2. Foldable full length’ full body pregnancy pillow
  • The L-shaped full body pregnancy pillow
  • Body bumper full body pregnancy pillow

3. Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

Pregnancy wedge pillows support to belly, knee during maternity, and also retaining the baby.
Pregnancy wedge pillows support to belly, knee during maternity, and also retaining the baby.

The pregnancy wedge pillow is the cushioning pillow that helps your tummy or wherever you need more support. It is made of high-density foam and covered with silky materials. This pillow is durable and it is a space saver with ankle mode. It is also a lightweight pillow and most are 7 to 12 inches in height and 20 to 25 inches in length.

  • Baby pregnancy wedge pillow
  • Knee gel wedge pillow 

4. Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow

Double side sleeper pregnancy pillow support to belly and spine while sleeping during maternity and gives multiple uses
Double side sleeper pregnancy pillow support to belly and spine while sleeping during maternity and gives multiple uses

Side sleeper pregnancy pillow is a double supportive pillow that is connected with a stretch panel. It gives double extra support to your body to overcome the difficulties. This is a bumpy pillow and covered with soft materials. Also, it solves your pain and special for side sleepers. You can adjust this pillow to your growing tummy.

  • Double side sleeper pregnancy pillow
  • Comma side sleeper pregnancy pillow
  • Rounded and squared shape side sleeper pregnancy pillow
  • Three pillows side sleeper pregnancy pillow
  • One side bumper side sleeper pregnancy pillow

5. Travel Pregnancy Pillow

Seat belt adjustable travel pregnancy pillow use when traveling in car or vehicle in maternity.
Seat belt adjustable travel pregnancy pillow use when traveling in car or vehicle in maternity.

A pregnancy pillow is used not only for sleeping but also for travelling. You are always not at home. You have to go out, such as a picnic. This maternity pillow special for travelling. This is a lightweight and cushioning pillow. You can use this travelling pregnancy pillow to relieve your physical pains while travelling.

  • Multi-purpose knee travel pregnancy pillow
  • Chair support travel pregnancy pillow
    1. Back support travel pregnancy pillow
    2. Donut seat travel pregnancy pillow
    3. Tailbone travel pregnancy pillow
  • Portable travelling pregnancy pillow
    1. Normal purpose travel pillow
    2. Chin supporting travel neck pillow
    3. Compact travel pillow
    4. Twist memory foam travel pillow
  • Seat belt adjustable travel pregnancy pillow
  • Eye mask travel pregnancy pillow

6. Stomach Sleeping Pregnancy Pillow

Sloping stomach sleeping pregnancy pillow has slope from head to leg and use to stomach sleeping
Sloping stomach sleeping pregnancy pillow has slope from head to leg and use to stomach sleeping

Do you know about stomach sleeping?…. Stomach sleeping is the best sleeping position during your maternity period. This is not just a pillow. Exactly this is a bed. It is made of special materials that are not easily broken. Also, this is a floating pillow. It comes in different colors and shapes. The main health benefit is this pillow gets ready for your delivery.

  1. Sloping stomach sleeping pregnancy pillow
  2. Foldable stomach sleeping pregnancy pillow
  3. Relaxable stomach sleeping pregnancy pillow
  4. Mini stomach sleeping pregnancy pillow

7. Back Support Sleeping Pregnancy Pillow

Lumber back support-sleeping pregnancy pillow helps good posture when sleeping and use for the spine, knee during maternity..
Lumber back support-sleeping pregnancy pillow helps good posture when sleeping and use for the spine, knee during maternity.

Spinal alignment is the most important thing in your pregnancy period. The backside support pregnancy pillow is the best for it. This pillow is a lightweight and tiny pillow for your support. Also, this is a cushioning pillow made of different density foams. Actually, this pillow reduces your pains during the maternity period.

  1. Lumbar back support sleeping pregnancy pillow
  2. Back positioning elevation back support sleeping pregnancy pillow
  3. Half-moon back support sleeping pregnancy pillow

If you search online about maternity pillow, it will provide more and more information on different types. Now we compare these pregnancy pillows.

  • Finding good support for your whole body full body pregnancy pillow is suitable for you because it covers your whole body than the other pillows. It gives a luxurious feel to your day to day life.
  • Lower back pain is the most common pain among pregnant women. I recommend to you a backside support maternity pillow for this difficulty. Because it is a focused target area, and it can reduce your pains.
  • Do you want a little supportive pillow? The best pillow is the wedge pregnancy pillow. This cushioning pillow gives extra support wherever you need it.
  • If you are a traveling buddy who is always not at home or working with a busy schedule, a traveling pregnancy pillow is a suitable amazing pillow for you.
  • Stomach sleeping is a good sleeping position for pregnant mothers. Trying to get a stomach sleep stomach pregnancy pillow solves your sleeping problems, leading to a comfortable sleep.
  • The breastfeeding pillow is designed for breastfeeding mothers, and it gives a skin-friendly nature for your baby.

When you purchase a pregnancy pillow, this article will be a helpful guide because all the details include the definition, wonderful features, different benefits, how to choose, how to use tips and sleeping positions, the types, and final comparisons.

I expect to provide full knowledge about pregnancy pillow to get rid of tight spots in your pregnancy with this special pillow.

Get more details about pregnancy pillow through this link: Click Here

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